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I'm a Gypsy from Russia.I am 57 years old.Sex and love keep youth! I love Gypsy songs and dances,and I can guess.I love Italian movies and Fellini neorealism,French filmmakers Truffaut,Godard,and Duvivier,I like the modern Iranian cinema,

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Name: radiantone
Age: 58
City: Moskou
I speak: EN
Hair color: rood
Eye color: groen
Appearance: arabisch

My interests

I like to eat The Russian pancakes with black caviar, Russian cabbage soup, the Caucasian and Japanese cuisine and to drink Portuguese port wine, Madeira, sherry. And French liqueurs. My hobbies: Erotic dances, ancient Russian romances, the Gipsy songs, gangster chanson, cinema and the main thing - sex!. My favorite music is The Gipsy music, the Jewish chanson, romances, operas by Verdi, Wagner's music, Nina Rotta's music t. I am bisexueel and I think I love men with whom it is not boring to have sex! I love men's sexual fantasies! Those who deliver me many orgasms! are hot. Do you want to know more about me?

My intemate information

My favorite position is I like to change poses. But it is pleasant when th and my favorite spots are The bed of course is more convenient, but I had a sex at the playground. in the car, at a house entr. What I like about men The hairy scrotum filled with sperm, a penis, hands and ears... and of course, eyes. Piercings: nee. Relationship: nee. Do you have a sex question for me?

More about me

I am arabisch. My character: I am an optimist and I like to communicate. My zodiac is tweelingen. What I like about me: I want to enjoy life! I love life!. My lifes purpose is: When I became a widow, at me many plans failed. I want to be happy!. My motto is: While you live, it is necessary to appreciate every instant. Then nothing will be. Enjoy yourself!. Do you chat a lot? ja. Do you smoke? nee. My turn-off is I did not understand a question. What allows me to be disconnected from problems? Dance and sex!. Do you want to tell me something?

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